Uterine fibroid embolization improves quality of life and sexual function

Written by
Michael Cumming, MD, MBA

The SFICV EFUZEN study is the largest prospective study reporting sexual desire and function after uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).  One year after UFE over 90% of patients reported significant improvements in quality of life.  80% of patients reported improved sexual function including less pain and greater desire, arousal and satisfaction.  

Robert L. Vogelzang, MD, from Northwestern University in Chicago, said that UFE has still not achieved the widespread success or use it should despite two decades of experience with the procedure. "We are working to improve that, but, sadly, the patients who have fibroids are often not being told about embolization", he said. "We're doing about 10% of the fibroids here in America [via UFE] as best we can judge, but that still leaves hundreds of thousands of fibroids being treated by old means, which is unnecessary."

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