Claudication and rest pain secondary to CFA occlusion

about this presentation

62 year old female, heavy smoker, noticed a relatively sudden worsening of chronic right calf claudication. Ultrasound and CT angiography demonstrated occlusion of the common femoral artery. The patient is overweight with a body mass index of 35. The patient was self employed and did not want, nor could afford the time off work to under go a common femoral endarterectomy. Endovascular repair with pathway atherectomy in a 60 minute procedure. Patient spent a total of 4 hours at our out patient center and was back at work the next day. At 6 months, the patient has stopped smoking, and remains symptom free. Optimal medical therapy with blood pressure control, statin and dual antiplatelet therapy. Arterial ultrasound shows a widely patent CFA and exercise ABI's are essentially normal.

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