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VaricoceleGEST 2018 Abstract: Novel “Uncoil Coil” Technique for Varicocele Embolization

Global Embolization Symposition 2018 Abstract Presentation: The "uncoil coil" technique for varicoele embolization

VaricoceleThe "Uncoil Coil" Technique for Gonadal Vein Embolization

A faster technique for embolization gonadal veins using large diameter coils

VaricoceleRecurrent varicocele after inadequate embolization

Recurrent left testicular pain after inadequate embolization of the proximal left testicular vein

VaricoceleVaricocele Embolization in a High School Athlete

Painful varicoceles interfering with high school athletics

VaricoceleVaricocele Embolization Outcomes - Skill Matters

Varicocele outcomes when performed by a skill interventionalist are outstanding